The University of Belize Online Campus offers a range of web-based support to students of the University of Belize in online and face-to-face courses, such as accessing online course material, the Library service, discussion forums and/or electronic assessment submission. As an educational institution in Central America, we are committed to provide quality service, support, technology, training and collaboration to all stakeholders of the University of Belize.

In an effort to accomplish its institutional vision, the University of Belize presents the Moodle platform to its community. This marks the starting point in the path of E-Learning. This initiative entails offering online and web-based hybrid courses.

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Use Google Docs in Moodle
by Antonio Crespo - Monday, 29 October 2012, 5:12 PM

Good evening lecturers,


I have found these links that show how to use Google Docs in Moodle, have fun.

Googledocs - Moodle - Tutorial

Publishing - Powerpoint - Slideshow - from - Google - Docs - to Moodle

Putting - a - Custom - Form - into - Moodle